System Integration


Integrate Reliable Systems into Value Based Solution

PT Sentra Netcomindo has an extensive experience in integrating multiple systems into solution that bring highest value to our customer. Those systems including :

Hardware Security Module

A hardware security module (HSM) is a dedicated crypto processor physical computing device which is specifically designed for the protection and manages of the digital crypto key lifecycle, strong authentication and provides cryptoprocessing. Hardware security modules protect the cryptographic infrastructure and can deploy high assurance security solutions, provide a hardened, tamper-resistant environment for performing secure cryptographic processing, key protection, and key management.
enterprises buy HSM to securing transactions, identities, cryptographic keys and provisioning encryption, decryption, authentication, and digital signing services for a wide range of applications. An HSM is a device used for key management encryption and decryption of data. The HSM holds the key material on the device and there is no way to export the keys in a usable format. This keeps and attacker from copying your encrypted database and then taking the key and decrypting the data offsite, on his own time, where he is less likely to be caught

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Internet Access Management

Internet enables organizations to reduce operational cost while brings in a great number of
commercial opportunities. However, the lack of proper Internet access management may pose
numerous troubles to the organizations. Internal users can browse social websites, chat about private things and do other recreational activities during the business hour, these will lead to the drop of work efficiency and decrease of turnovers. Besides, lack of Internet access management may also cause bandwidth abuse, data loss, legal issues, inappropriate accesses, network security and other problems.
With features of user authentication, web filtering, application control, bandwidth management, caching, Internet traffic reporting and logging, the IAM offers an effective solution of Internet traffic visibility, control and optimization, hence to create a manageable, fast Internet access environment while simplify the network infrastructure

SANGFOR Internet Access Management (IAM) series is designed to meet challenges from the
evolving Internet and ensure effective utilization of the Internet resources.

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Bandwidth Optimization

SANGFOR WAN optimization delivers multi-layer WAN optimization, improving the data transmission efficiency over physical links and significantly improving application responsiveness, particularly in environments of high packet loss and high latency. Improvements are especially noticeable in
network environment that is very harsh and with applications that work very inefficiently over the WAN.

Core Acceleration Technologies

Prevent data being needlessly transmitted repeatedly over the WAN by identifying and eliminating redundant content to byte level, eliminating up to 95% of WAN traffic;
Optimize TCP transmission mechanism and reduce negative impact of poor network environment with network latency and packet loss;
Apply application proxy to accelerate application protocols of MAPI, HTTP/HTTPS, CIFS, Oracle EBS, Citrix, RDP, SMTP, offering boosted performance to a wide range of business applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, ERP, CRM, Lotus Notes, Backup, SAP, Disaster Recovery, FTP and so on.
Monitor and control bandwidth to prevent bottlenecks, ensuring that all jobs are correctly prioritized and receive the necessary level of resources.
Acceleration Benefits
With deployment of SANGFOR WAN optimization solutions, enterprise headquarters, branches and partners can experience accelerated network performance of critical applications and data, anywhere in the world.
SANGFOR WAN optimization delivers a LAN-like experience over the enterprise WAN. By providing an unified set of technologies, SANGFOR achieves the best possible WAN performance and avoids the need for costly and disruptive upgrades.

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Cabling Infrastructure

Our proven expertise in Data Center Networking enables us to align your IT infrastructure with your strategic corporate objectives and network performance goals.